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NOTE: Our Smithtown location will be closed until September 16th.

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TB / Tuberculosis Screening

Xpress Medial treats many common illness that can help you save time and money from visit to ER.

Our professional staff with years of experience will help address your concerns. Please call us with your specific medical needs to any of our locations.

A TB test is a two-step process. Please inform our staff if you have had any contact with a person who has TB or even potentially has TB including your previous history with the TB. 

We inject small amount of fluid called tuberculin just beneath the skin on the lower part of the arm. If TB bacteria is present then hard bump will form at the injection site.  You will need to return back to our office with in two to three days so the reaction can be checked and we can document the results of the test.  This is simple diagnostics tool to assist quick screening.  Also our medical professional will guide should it be necessary for additional screening and also help answer your questions.

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